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Swimming Pool - Jr. Olympic
Location:Riverbirch Lane
Hours:Seasonally 10:00 a..m. to 10:00 p.m.



  1. No more than 48 people are allowed in the pool area at one time.  This occupancy limit is to be self-enforced.
  2. Pool furniture will be spaced out and will be limited. Residents will be required to wipe down pool furniture before and after use.
  3. No guests will be allowed so that Park Rec residents have ample room to enjoy the space.  
  4. The pool is open daily from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm. We ask all residents to limit their stay so that everyone may have time to use the facility. If you arrive and the pool is at capacity, please return another time.
  5. Person-to-person interaction and activities between members of separate households should be limited, and social distancing of six feet should be practiced. Do not congregate in large groups. Please monitor small children to ensure distancing.
  6.  Any items that can be shared, such as floats and noodles, should not be brought to the pool.
  7. Although efforts have been made to procure hand sanitizer and soap, there is a shortage. Please bring your own. 
  8. Wipe down/disinfect any surfaces you touch before and after you touch them.
  9. There are no lifeguards onsite.
  10. When attendants are present their job is to provide you and your family safety, they are not there to monitor Social Distancing. This is left up to each individual family to monitor and follow all the covid-19 mandates.

 Pleased be advised you are using the pool at your own risk. We thank all residents in advance for following the pool guidelines.                     

Here's what you need to know about access to the pool:

Only homeowners who are current with all dues and assessments will have access to the pool. Owners on an approved payment plan, that have remained current with payments...will be allowed access to the pool.

Residents are not allowed to loan their key fobs to other residents and fobs are not to be given to any unauthorized non-residents. Residents are not allowed to open the gate for anyone who does not have an active pool fob with them.

The pool gate is to remain closed at all times. Do not leave the gate propped open for any reason. Doing so will result in loss of pool privileges. 

Key fobs are electronically controlled. Please contact Whitney Williams with any issues pertaining to your key fob.  
You can call the IMC Charleston office at (843) 297-8590 or email

Club House
Location:Riverbirch Lane
Hours:By Reservation
Contact:Whitney Williams


  1. The Club House is available for rent to all residents of the Park.

Please Read the Park Rec Clubhouse Rental FAQ
Complete and Submit the Clubhouse Rental Agreement
Tennis Court
Location:Riverbirch Lane
Hours:Open Daily
Location:Riverbirch Lane
Hours:Open Daily
Landscaped Parks for Sitting & Relaxing
Location:Traces & Reflections


Park Rec with Traces and Reflections put in a landscaped park areas for all the residents to sit and enjoy. They are a quiet place of solitude